May 11

Monday I went to Havensight to mail off some items home, said goodbye to my former employers, Mr. Chris and Mrs. Bridget at Island Poppin’ and see if I could pick up some souvenirs for my family with my roommate, Pauline. Finding souvenirs was not a success but Tuesday I did. Tuesday I went with my roommate and her friend to the Post Office so I could mail off another box back home because I still needed to free some space in my luggage and my Pauline mailed off a box herself. Afterwards we went to The Mermaid Chair where a patch of sand separates the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It is on a resort so you park your car alongside the road and walk somewhere between a mile and a half to two miles to The Mermaid Chair. There is a bathe, a small body of water that is surrounded by large rocks that you can go and sit in like a jacuzzi. I met a lady from San Francisco who was in Saint Thomas on a girl’s trip there that I conversated with. I also met a couple from Oklahoma that I spoke with, they mentioned they visited Charleston, South Carolina and they love it there. I suggested visiting Hilton Head and informed it is less “tourisy”. The walk back up the hills to the vehicle after leaving was definitely a work out. Afterwards, we went to Mountain Top which is a place to get souvenirs where I spent 72 dollars on the rest of the souvenirs for my family. Wednesday, I finished packing up and returned my key, called a taxi. The man was very nice and talkative, he was from Dominica. When I got there to checked my bags in, the lady for American Airlines said they just closed check bags.They do it 90 minutes from the plane planned to leave and I got there ten minutes after they did it. So the lady booked me for a ticket for the next day on the same plane at the same time at 4:40 p.m. I stood outside the airport until my classmate, Unikah finished her Spanish exam for an hour and a half so she could pick me up so I would pay for a taxi back to the campus since I paid 12 dollars to get there. After she picked me up we went to Red Hook and ate at Senor Pizza. I through everything away so when I went back to my room I asked my roommate for a blanket to sleep with. Unikah took me back to the airport the next morning around 10:10 a.m. I sat there with people leaving for Philadelphia then Miami while waiting for my Charlotte flight. After landing me and my family stopped in Rock Hill and ate some Mexican Food.

May 1

Today is the first day of May and seven days away from when I am back in my home state. Today I went to the Cultural Food Fair which kicks off carnival. I bought crab and rice, pigeon peas, and coleslaw for twenty dollars. I sampled ginger beer that I did not care for but at least I did not have to pay for it. I bought sorrel juice which I liked. Before going to the Food Fair I stopped at tent city which is in front and bought two magnets and a key-chain for 10 dollars and a fifteen dollar shirt. I signed up for Fete Crawl and paid 100 dollars to participate for May 1- May 3 nights. Tonight it is held at Chicken N’ Bowling as the “pre-game party”. I played one of my favorite board game Jenga but it was the big version of it ( the blocks were bigger) and I won. I also learned how to play dominoes, my roommate’s friend was trying to teach my how to play pool which you could obviously tell it was my first time playing. The day before, April 30 was my last day at work at Island Poppin. There was an European ship there, which they tend not to spend a lot of money. I met a family from South Africa from the East side that flew to Miami to get on the cruise ship and later on I met two females that were from South Africa as well. There was a family from Portugal and France that I met also. One of the men who work outside on the landscape I met was from Saint Kitts, he was very nice and we had an informative conversation about Saint Kitts, Saint Thomas, and the states. He even bought me a ripe mango for me to eat. Monday, April 29 there was two cruise ships that came in and one left out of Charleston, South Carolina. So I saw a lot of Gamecocks, Carolina Panthers, and Clemson items.

April 27, 2019

Sunday I went with a friend to the mall to try to see if I could find something to wear for carnival. I didn’t instead I found a cute dark blue crop top for $7.99 that I bought. Afterwards we went to Yacht Haven to get dinner at Fat Turtle. Me and classmate got spaghetti which was good. Monday I got my hair done, which is always nice. Village opened up Wednesday which is the big start of carnival after the Prince and Princess and Queen Pageant Shows. The village has food stands, bands performing and amusement rides. Friday I went with a classmate to watch Avengers: End Game which was good for me not to know that much of the backstories of each superhero. We met up with two of his friends and one of his friends paid for all of the tickets already, which was nice. Afterwards I suggested to go to Tap and Still Bar to grab some milkshakes which my classmate paid for which was nice. I got a cookie and cream milkshake which is my favorite after vanilla.

April 19

Today is Good Friday! Saint Thomas is a religious island therefore school and a lot of businesses are closed today. People don’t consume meat today as well. Wednesday at work 10 minutes of me being there I met a young boy who was from Rock Hill, South Carolina which was cool but he was a Clemson fan 😦 lol, there was a man from Augusta, Georgia that attended Francis Marion and a lady from Atlanta, Georgia that I met. There were also a lot of Brazilians on the cruise ship which was different because they may be a couple but mostly they are from Puerto Rico. Thursday at work I met a couple from Belgium and a father and daughter from Switzerland. Tonight my classmate brought me some food her grandmother cooked: ducana, saltfish, and coconut dumpling.

April 14

Friday the NSE group went to Water Island on this small boat. I was nervous it would be a rough boat ride like the trip to Saint John but it wasn’t which was good. When we reached there myself and two other girls went with Ms. Dahlia to get a golf cart and we did the first tour of the island. We went to Fort Segarra, looked down on Limestone Bay and went to Honeymoon Beach where the rest of the group was waiting to go on their tour. Saturday I went with a classmate and her family to a “fete” what we call a party. It was outside and had a group performing and a dj playing afterwards. Tonight, The Princess and Prince Show is held at UVI’s gym that I will be attending. It it an event to kick off carnival. Also my classmate and I are going to see the movie Little which seems it will be hilarious from the previews.

April 10

Friday, I am going to Water Island with the NSE group. It is the last activity that Mrs. Dahlia, NSE coordinator, planned. Nothing exciting happened this week so far. I am getting my hair done tomorrow which is always nice. Saturday when I washed clothes on my day off the washing machine was not taking my coins or giving them back out which was annoying because 1. I wasted more time than needed to wash clothes 2. wasted laundry detergent 3. wasted quarters if the machine didn’t give them back.

April 6

Sunday my classmate took me around and I visited the 99 steps, went to the waterfront where the cruise ships come in but there wasnt any that day. I went to a restuarant Rancho Latina and got stew chicken rice and peas coleslaw and plantains for eleven dollars. I went to Lindberg Beach which some call it Emerald Beach with her. During the week I met south carolina, atlanta and north carolina people at work which I always get excited for anyone who is from S.C. or close to it. Friday I went with another NSE student downtown. First we went to Tent City which is where people set up tents and sell souvenirs and things with saint thomas on it. I revisted the 99 steps with her. We went into MAC and grabbed lunch at Crabbe’s Island Grille. I got jamaican curry goat plantains and pasta, which that place was expensive for my liking. Saturday some of the NSE students participated in swimming with the turtles at Buck Island which was coordinated by Mrs. Dahlia, NSE coordinator. I didnt go because I dont like when the waves are rough while on a boat and I dont know how to swim.

March 28, 2019

Yesterday during my Spanish class my teacher took me outside the classroom to tell me some exciting news that I can take my exam two days early with Spanish 131 students ( one Spanish below what I take ). Now if I can only take my Philosophy exam early instead of Friday, May 10 at 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. same day Spanish was I can probably be home Thursday or Friday and then jump into summer school Monday, May 13. Monday is the first day of April which I am excited because it is my last full month in Saint Thomas. Also on Monday, April 15 I can register for my classes for summer and fall, which will be my last two semesters in undergrad hopefully. Friday I went bowling which was fun I ended in second place with 103 and the first place person had 113.

March 16, 2019

I participated in two days of alternative break due to working. I went to the Nisky Moravian Church graveyard to clean up tombstones so the people information could be read and painted some of the graves. In the afternoon I went to the Caribbean Genealogy Center. While at the cemetery I noticed some differences such as their graves are above ground instead of being six feet under like ours. Since Saint Thomas is known as the “Seven Flags” since the land was ruled by seven European countries you see different languages on the tombstones, mostly Danish. Most of the graves were from the 17oo’s and 18oo’s. They had a row for males and a row for females. On the last day to the grave sight, Thursday, the day I painted I got my snickers splattered in paint and some on my shorts. At the genealogy place I was informed on the history of Saint Thomas, looked at old postcards, learned about the immigration that is happening here not with Haitians and in the past when Europeans came here to settled.I learned even though the census is done every ten years they are not released to the public every 72 years. Therefore some of my relatives I might not can find a census for therefore you look and see if you can find social security records. On Thursday two of the women there have been to South Carolina and compared Caribbean dialect to the dialect that the Gullah community with Geechee in Charleston, South Carolina have. Another way I can trace my relatives is look at land records see if there was land owned or sold also look at nearby Moravian churches because they own records of some slaves. I learned on that day that if the passengers on a ship dies the captain is expected to die also even if they can rescue themselves by swimming. If they do survive they have questions that need to be answered and may go to jail. I learned information about the Jewish community. In the religion the child is considered a Jew if their mother is one only, so be mindful of that when looking at documents tracing your family tree. On Monday at work I saw an individual with a hat of our state but he just went there probably on a cruise. But another individual had a shirt on and the group was from Rock Hill so we were excited. Then on Tuesday I met a gentlemen with a Gamecocks hat on and the group of people he was with was from Aiken and we were excited to meet another. I also went to the movies on Tuesday night to watch A Madea Family Reunion with my roommate and her friend. That is what I did during my spring break.